Our objectives are the following:

  • To promote social inclusion and integration of every single student. Our target groups are not only marginal students, immigrants or refugees but the rest of their mates because we must provide them with the basic resources to integrate them as equals.
  • To tackle bullying.
  • To potentiate intercultural competences.
  • To foster languages as vehicles of communication in other subjects.
  • To promote and share new pedagogies and learning approaches. The new methodological approach is called BITS: B from Blended learning and service learning in order to open the concept of education to the whole social community. I from ITC with the creation of a web page where all the materials and new software will be implemented, not only to students but also to families and social communities. T from task-based approach, because our project takes into account activities to be carried out in class related to the topic of our project. S form self-centered and socio-cultural activities because our activities are integrated in the social context.
  • To create a European consciousness and citizenship.

Our students must get acquainted with the fact that differences among cultures and countries are frequent and mainly enriching. That should be one of the causes for cultural evolution, respect and coexistence. That´s why we consider that sharing the objectives, activities and results of such an international project is the perfect way in which we can use those differences as an essential teaching tool.