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We want to share with you some curious facts about Sariñena, Spain or even ourselves that might be useful or even funny to you before visiting us:


  • Sariñena is just 14 km west from the Greenwich meridian. You will cross it just a few minutes before arriving from Barcelona by bus. However we share the Central European Time with all the central european countries so you will have no need to change your time when arriving to the airport.


  • However spanish timing is different from most european countries:
    • Lunch is the main meal of the day: two courses and a dessert is the ususal. Expect to have lunch no sooner than 14:00.
    • We have dinner no sooner than 20:00, it is no strange to have dinner even at 21:00 or later.


  • Maximum temperature in Sariñena in march could reach 26 ºC, however the media is 13 ºC. Minimum arrived once at -8 ºC but media is 0,5 ºC. Watch out! if you want to visit us in July maximum media is above 35ºC.


  • On Wednesday March the 7th:
The sun will rise at The sun will set at
Lendava 6:22 17:48
Kartuzy 6:22 17:35
Sankt Agatha 6:34 17:57
Västerås 6:34 17:36
Duisburg 7:05 18:23
Sariñena 7:26 18:57


  • Spanish people have two family names: the first one is taken from the father and the second one from the mother. Women do not change their family names when married as they do in some other countries. It is not strange for spanish people to have two names as well.


  • Spain is a mediterranean country and a close one to Africa. That´s why Greek, Roman and Arab are our most important cultural influences. However they are not the only ones: we´ve been building bridges through history with Italy, France, Germany, Portugal… and, of course, most of the central and south american countries.


  • Spain has got different names throughout history. First of all we were called Iberia, because of the Hiber river (río Ebro) and the people who settled down here, the Iberians. The name has got other side effects, we are situated in the Iberian Peninsula and the first airline in the country: Iberia. Second name: Hispania, by the romans, which actually means “land of rabbits”, funny, isn’t it?


  • In our country we have several official languages, apart from the Spanish, which everybody speaks. In Catalonia they have got the Catalan, in Galicia the Galician, both of them Romance languages coming from the Latin, however, in the Basque Country they own the Euskera, an older language. So, a multicultural country in a multicultural continent. Interesting isn’t it?


  1. A fun and entertaining post!

  2. A lot of interesting facts. Good to know these things before coming to Spain 🙂 Many thanks 🙂

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