MS St. Agatha wins European Innovative Teaching Awards

Niels Vandeputte/ September 23, 2021/ Uncategorized/ 3 comments

Hello everybody,

We, the MS St. Agatha, are delighted to announce that the EU-commission for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth has awarded the project Building Bridges with the European Innovative Teaching Award (EITA) in the category secundary education.

Have look at the video and the precious moments included.


  1. We warmly congratulate you on receiving the EUROPEAN INNOVATIVE TEACHING AWARD 2021 in the category secondary education with the project “Building Bridges”! We are looking forward to the award ceremony on October 20, 2021.

    Special thanks to all teachers for your valuable work!

    1. Thanks for those kind words!

  2. Congratulations from Spain to all our friends at MS St. Agatha for this fantastic award!
    It was a pleasure to share this experience with you and the rest of the partners.

    Please, keep us updated about the ceremony as we´d love to see you receiving the award!

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