NMS St. Agatha applies for “Austrian Eco-label for schools”

Niels Vandeputte/ January 15, 2020/ Austria, English, Integration through Biology, Uncategorized/ 2 comments

Environment, climate and sustainable development are a big topic at the moment and our school is trying to contribute in a positive way. We have got some projects dealing with the subject and in the following years we want to spend even more time and effort to obtain a green future for all of us.

Our ongoing Erasmus+ project is part of that. Travelling by train and public transport in general, often was a good alternative for us to reach our destinations. Working on an ecological garden was the German subproject and we have exchanged seeds learn from each other’s environment.

Let’s see wether the effort pays of or not. Further information to be announced


  1. We wish you the best luck with your Eco-label!

  2. I am sure the effort will pay off. I wish you the best of luck with the green projects!

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