Building Bridges through Music

´Building Bridges´ in Spain – Building Bridges through Music

How to record a Lipdub in three days when we needed more than four months last year to do it?

That was our big question and challenge when we started organising our mobility to welcome our friends at Sariñena. Not to mention coordination and previous work with our partners, scheduling transportation, finding hosting families, bookings, coordinating our work with other schools, groupings and so on…

Fortunately many people has been working and cooperating to make this possible: a teacher comission has been coordinating the activity since september and many students and families have been strongly involved with our project and made their best efforts to collaborate with the activities and organisation.

It has been a stressful week. We have spent three intense days working on the making of a lipdub: choosing songs related to inclusion and social commitment, analysing their lyrics, rehearsing dances and songs, preparing choreographies, recording our song in a professional studio, recording our video and finally editing our own products. Busy? Not really. We still had time to visit Barcelona, Huesca and Sariñena, of course, record a report for our local TV, invite our partners to paint a tile to build a multicultural mosaic as we learned in Germany and in our free time we could play traditional local games, some basketball or football or even enjoy a disco evening.

Do you want to know in detail our week programme and the opinion of our partners and friends? Then you need to visit the following links:






And now that you have arrived here it is time to watch the final products of our week, our lipdubs. You can´t miss them, so much work, memories and feelings summarized in just three minutes:

Watch here our lipdubs