This was the last day of out mobility.

When we arrived at the school, two activities were scheduled. In the first one they taught us how to use a video editor. The workshop was directed by two senior students of the school and we did several editing exercises. We also prepared the trailer of the Lipdub that we were editing in the next workshop.

In the second workshop we edited our lipdub with the images and videos we recorded throughout the week and with the music and lyrics that our partner recorded in Huesca. This was quite a funny and interesting activity for many of us and our Lipdubs will always be a fantastic memory of our trip.

Our final activity before lunch was an evaluation one. We were ask to answer and comment some questions about the week.

We had some free time in the afternoon and then in the evening we were invited to a disco. We could dance with the music that all the partners selected and we met many other students as all the school students were invited. We had a lot of fun.