These are our lipdubs

And these are our final products. They are really the work and the memories of a whole week summarized in three intense minutes. Please, notice that all of them share the same introduction (about 1 min 35 sec), but from that minute on they are all original editions.

Enjoy them!

This is the lipdub edited by Wiktoria, Beata and Amelia, from Poland:

Our Swedish friends, Nellie and Ella, made this one:

This is the lipdub that Alex and Regina, from Germany, made:

Next one was edited by Jakub and Filip, from Poland:

Time for the Austrian team: Hannah, Helene and Viktoria.

From Germany, this is Erva and Victoria┬┤s work:

This little masterpiece was edited by Hugo and Alvin, from Sweden:

This one was made by our Slovenian team: Tjasa, Zala, and Teja.

This is the work of Jennifer and Andrea, from Germany: