Integration through Biology

´Building Bridges´ in Germany – Building Bridges through Biology

When we had our first brainstorming for an Erasmus+ Project in Ljubljana we couldn’t have imagined to experience an intensive first mobility like the one in Germany. Finally, all abstract ideas became reality! Coordinators, teachers, students and headmasters were super excited and (let’s be honest) also a bit nervous for  the guests to come. But there was no need to be nervous at all.

The first mobility was an incredible reward for the hard work that had been done in advance: planning an interesting week, organising buses, hotels, taxis, host families, lunches and dinners, and organising a variety of cool activities, fruitful workshops and emotional discussions as well.

Countless phone calls, e-mails, whatsapp messages and staff meetings between coordinators, collegues, locals, parents and students in Spain, Poland, Slovenia, Austria, Sweden and Germany led to an unforgetable week in Germany, which helped to start building bridges.

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Monday, October 9th
Tuesday, October 10th
Wednesday, October 11th
Thursday, October 12th
Friday, October 13th
Student´s conclusions of the activity