Friday, October 13th


The last day in Duisburg was Friday, the 13. 10. 2017.

For most of us it wasn’t a pleasant morning because we had to say goodbye to our host families who were very nice to us, well at least to me.

We came to school with heavy luggage and stored it in a room on the second floor   The catch was that we had to carry around 20kg up the stairs.

We gathered in the school’s cafeteria. White blank posters awaited us and we had to write our experiences on them. For example the most popular answer to what is the best thing about Germany was the Döner kebab, which is Turkish.

Soon afterwards taxis came to take us to the airport. We had a late flight from Düsseldorf to Vienna. Even though we were sad to be leaving Germany, we celebrated a 17th birthday as soon as the clock hit midnight on Saturday.