Student´s conclusions

Building Bridges –  Erasmus+


The countries Poland, Spain, Austria, Sweden and Slovenia were a part of the Project Erasmus+

First I was very nervous  and a little bit shy and at the same time very excited.

I have never had a host student at my house before. It was very interesting for me!

It is such a good memory for us which would forever be safe in our heart. Every student and teacher was very friendly and everyone was nice!

On Sunday we had to pick up our host students. The first day of the week our headmaster Mr. Hußmann opened the week. Then we had a ´rallye´ in Duisburg. On the next day we had the workshops. The workshops were: creating a cobblestone, kitchen and upcycling. I had the kitchen workshop. We had to cook or back different national main courses. Later at 6 pm we had an international Barbecue. The kids played football or listened to the music. The parents and the teachers were getting to know each other and tasted our selfmade different national main courses.

On Wednesday we were in Landschaftspark. Thomas and Kerstin explained us how to climb right.

Some students like me were frightend of the hight and so on. The students who were not climbing were allowed to explore the Landschaftspark. After that we had such a great disco at 7 pm to 9 pm.

We danced the Turkish dance called Halay. On Thursday we had a trip to Cologne to the chocolate museum. It was the best day of the week for most students. After the chocolate museum we had freetime for 2 hours. On Friday the local newspaper came to our school and took pictures of us with the cobblestones in the schoolgarden.  The Austrian students were the first to leave. The second one was Spain,  the third one was Poland, the fourth one was Sweden and the last one was Slovenia.  And that was the short summary about the week.

Erasmus+ in Germany


This was the first mobility of the Erasmus+ project ‘building bridges` and the students from Poland, Austria, Sweden, Slovenia and Spain came to Germany.

The whole week started in the assembly hall where everyone met and the headmaster welcomed the exchange students and teachers and gave information about our school. At the beginning everyone looked a bit shy but after the headmaster finished the presentation everyone talked to each other. Three minutes later we went out and showed them our school. I talked to some single students and knew they were cool. Later that day we went into Duisburg mid-town. We talked a bit and did some tasks. On the other days we did other fun activities like climbing, playing football, trip to Cologne, a BBQ … I think that my English skills increased in the whole week and that I now know how to talk to foreign students or other people. I think the week was one of the best that I have ever had in school and I hope that we will do something like this again.

Nice week!


Erasmus+  (building bridges) project


Before the week began I was very excited and nervous.

On Sunday two other students and I were at the airport to pick up their host students because I haven´t got a host student at my home. We were so excited to see the teachers and students from the other countries.

The next day began at school and our headmaster has opened the week.

First of all we showed our exchange students our beautiful school and after this we went to Duisburg City Center for a “Rallye“.

On Tuesday we had our workshops at school (workshops: cooking, creating a cobble stone and upcycling) That was so interesting I´ve lerned a lot because I was in the kitchen workshop and we have cooked main courses of their and our homecountries. In the afternoon we made an international barbecue in our schoolgarden there we also ate our selfmade dishes.

Wednesday: We´ve talked about the refugees in our school it makes me feel so impressive.

After this we went to the “Duisburg Landschaftspark Nord“ for climbing and  I think we´ve had a lot of fun. At 7 pm we´ve had a disco in school that was such a nice evening.

Thursday: We went to Cologne to the chocolate museum and there we´ve learned a lot about the chocolate plant it was also very interesting and delicious.

After that we had time to explore Cologne and to get to know the other host students.

At our last day we´ve talked about our week, our experiences and about what we´ve learned at this week. After that the winners of the Rallye and our Quiz “who want´s to be a millionair“ (played at the first day in school) get their prices. Before our lunch break we went to our schoolgarden and put the selfcreated cobblestones on our way with the cobblestones from the students of our school.

The local newspaper was also there and took pictures of us and our stones for the newspaper.

At 2 pm the other countries left us also that was very sad, because I think we became good friends at this moment.

I think this week was a big succsess for all of us. It was a big experience and I´ve improved my English skills very well.



We are!


The ERASMUS+ week was unforgettable. We met new friends, we created cobblestones for the school garden, we climbed up in the Landschaftspark, we visited Cologne, we ate together, we danced, we laughed, we had fun, we said in the first day: “hi” and in the last day “bye”. We are friends, We are a family, We are ERASMUS.

Loyal friends are the hardest thing to find in the world