Thursday, October 12th

We are going to talk about our favourite day. The day we liked the most was the trip to Cologne.

First we went to the “Chocolate Museum”, it was fantastic because we love chocolate and we could eat the best chocolate bar we have ever eaten. The museum has different rooms about the history of chocolate or a botanic garden in a tiny room. It was so interesting and delicious too.

Later we visited the city and we were shopping in some shops like Bershka or Primark. We visited the “Cologne’s Cathedral” too, and it was so beautiful and large. We had a lot of fun because of our guides (Jennifer, Andrea, Regina and Vici) showed us the city and explained us about its history.

This day was out favourite because we made many friends, we visited another German city and we learnt about their culture.

With love,
Your Spanish friends,

Laude, Alfonso, Inés and Adriana 🙂