Tuesday, October 10th

It was a wonderful day, full of projects connected with manual work. First, we started working on a cobblestone. Each student designed his own project of the work. Later the teachers helped us to complete the work. These cobblestones will stay on the host school forever. They have an ecological garden where all students have their own cobblestones.

Later we were divided into groups, some students made board games, others finished the cobblestones and some students started preparing the barbecue. Before we came to Germany we sent recipes for different dishes and we prepared food in the German school. We worked in groups with students from other countries so we had to cook using English. It was very difficult and funny.

In the evening we had the barbecue. We could eat food from different parts of the world, from all the countries that are in the project. Fantastic! I love eating . The barbecue was organised in the school garden, a fantastic place with a grill, benches.

The weather was great and after the barbecue we played football, even the teachers played 🙂

It was our best day because I love having barbecues with friends.