Friday October 12th

On the last day of the mobility we had to say goodbye to the NMS St. Agatha in the early morning, because we headed to Wels to participate in a Trickfilm/animation video workshop. We arrived at the Medien Kultur Haus and a lady showed us what we were supposed to do. With different cameras we could produce a 2D or 3D animation video which consists of plenty of single pictures. Our brain connects them and thinks that we are looking at a video.

We had to think about a topic and in small groups we started working. Some of us drew some things, others used materials which could be found at our workspace. With the use of some basic computer skills we soon saw the first results. Patience is a keyword in designing these animation videos. More than two hours of work resulted in videos of not more than 30 seconds, but every group was proud of the presented outcome. With a lot of laughter, we looked at final results.

After the workshop it was time to say a final goodbye. We all knew that this moment would be difficult, but most of us did not expect to have to wipe away some tears. Within five days we got to know each other very well. We had worked, played, danced, sang and laughed together which surely created a good bond. Nowadays it is not too difficult to stay in contact, but at this moment in time it was hard to say goodbye.

The Slovenian left by car to their home country. They would be the first ones to arrive back home again, The Austrian pupils guided the Polish ones in the direction of the main train station where the latter had to catch the train to Vienna Airport. The Spanish and German pupils still got the opportunity to do some sightseeing in Wels before heading to Vienna as well. A wonderful week had come to an end.

Have look at the animation videos!

Group 1   Group 2   Group 3   Group 4