Lesson observation feedback

Lesson observation


The students visited some lessons in the Austrian school (NMS St. Agatha) and afterwards completed an online questionnaire. Here are some of the results. The full list of results can be asked for.

  1. School building, classroom and equipment.

 1= The Austrian school building is not nice, 10= the Austrian school building is very nice

1= I like the classrooms in my home country more, 6=I like the classrooms in the Austrian school more.

Some more comments:

  • The Austrian school is very nice. I like that there are not so many children as in our school in Germany. I really like how they work with the equipment.
  • This school is modern and great, teachers and students are nice!

2. Lessons

Some more comments:

  • The lessons were interesting and not similar to lessons in Poland.
  • I like how teachers can work with children.