Monday October 8th

In the early morning we met at school and were welcomed by the very friendly headmaster and coordinator and all the students were singing for us the song “Je te donne”. After this warm welcome our hosts have shown us their school and we had a little break where we talked to our hosts and other students from the school. Then all of us were invited to come to the gym to have some funny games to get to know each other.

In the following hours we observed different lessons like Math, English, Biology and Religious Education. It was interesting to see how school works in Austria. And of course there are a lot of differences and similarities.

After a delicious lunch at school we divided ourselves in groups and went on an amazing geocaching tour through St.Agatha. We had to find different points with the help of coordinates which lead us to a final solution. We had the chance to see that incredible panorama of Austria and in between we laughed a lot by searching for the letters.

After some free time with our hosts and their families we met in the evening at the gym again to play “international ball” in teams.
This made a lot of fun and we found friends from other countries we will never forget.

This was the beginning of a wonderful week.