Thursday October 11th

Today we started the school at 8:30 a.m.

The first workshop was about building  Leonardo Da Vinci’s bridges with small wooden sticks. The teachers distributed us in groups of three persons and we designed the bridge.

After that the groups got together to have more ideas no one finally built the bridge because it was very difficult. Later the teachers showed us how we could make the bridge so that we could build a bigger one in the another workshop outside at the entrance of the school.

After the break, we had got two simultaneous workshops, in one of this  every country did a personal wooden stick. In all of these sticks all the countries wrote hello in there language and drew their flag, this is in the superior part of the stick, in the inferior part of the stick every country drew one caracteristic thing of her country (the austrian child did mountains, the spanish the sea…)

This sticks now are in the fence at the entrance of  the school and all of you can see it when you go to the school every day

The other students took a street art workshop and they painted a river on the floor with chalk and paints with the different colours. After finishing, the students of this activity painted fish, trees and wrote a title with the name of  this project (Erasmus + and Building Bridges).