Wednesday October 10th

In the morning we took the Lilo Train to Linz – the capital of Upper Austria.

Next, we went to OÖ Nachrichten redaction. It was really interesting. The guide showed us how the newspapers are made. Afterwards he showed us how to write articles, how journalists collect information. We saw how they prepare their articles in the newsroom. We saw the statistics of how many people read their newspapers and what is the most interesting for them.

After that we went to Plus City – an enormous shopping centre. We had two hours of free time. Some of us went shopping. Almost every single person went to McDonald’s for lunch. That was a really good time for all of us. We spent lovely time with our new friends from Erasmus.

Later, after the shopping we walked to the printing house of OÖ Nachrichten. We had another guide, who has been working there since the start of the factory. He told us lots of funny and interesting stories about printing newspapers. We were shocked when he told us that they use about 11 000 tons of paper every year.  We saw the production line of the newspapers. They gave us souvenirs: a company pen, pencil, and copybook. Everybody got a copy of their newspaper.

Next we went to a bus which took us to the train station. We went to our host families. At 7 o’clock all of the Erasmus’ kids went to the playground next to school. We spend there a great time together. It was a day, we will never forget!