Friday March 22nd

This was the last day of the mobility together. We met at school at 8.30 and we had the farewell with the headmistress and the Mayor who said thanks for participating in this project. Then, we enjoyed two different workshops. First, we were separated in groups and we did the flag of each country with thread and wood planks. The Polish team made logo of the Eramus+ project.

Next, we exchanged typical seeds from our countries to be planted at our schools once we have backed.

After that, we ate together at the cantine. Finally, we went back to the assembly hall to evaluate the week. They put some posters with questions such as:

  • What was the best activity during the week?
  • If we recommend the experience
  • Outline those things we had learnt
  • Those activities that we liked the least

We finally took our baggage and said goodbye to our friends. We all took the same train to go to the airport but we got off at Gdansk because we spent there one more day sightseeing.