Monday March 18th

After the first night with the host families we could start off with the actual programme on Monday morning. We arrived for the first time at the complex of schools and were warmly welcomed by Mr. Myszk and his team. He told us some facts about the school and how the week would look like.

There wasn’t just the welcome at school, also the city of Kartuzy wanted to address a few words to us. That’s why we got our legs moving and walked towards the city hall. This time a representative of the city told us something more about Kartuzy and the Kashubian region. Kashubia is the name of the area around Kartuzy which has its own customs, traditions and even language. At the end of the meeting we all got some nice gifts and we all knew that we still had a great week ahead of us.

Back in school we got a guided tour by some of the Polish pupils. The number of trophies showed us the importance of different sports at the school and we found out that even kindergarten and the primary school are located at this school’s property. This is something that none of the other schools had seen before.

Before we started the afternoon’s activity, we could enjoy a lunch (or is it dinner?) at the school’s canteen. With a strengthened body and fresh energy, we were ready for a city tour through Kartuzy. In small groups and guided by the Polish pupils we did a search hunt which lead us to various attractions and interesting viewpoints. Extra information was given to us in an adequate way: congratulations to the Polish pupils for organising this tour!

After seeing a bit more of the city and some free time, we finished off the day with some (board) games a school. In small groups known games, but also some new ones were played. For the teachers it was nice to observe the fact that games such as UNO and Jenga can be played with people form different countries and with English as a common language.