Thursday March 21st

Our day began with a warm greeting with our Erasmus+ friends around 8:15. While we were waiting for everyone to come we chatted and mingled.  Subsequently, we got on the bus at 8:30 in order to get to European Solidarity Center. During our ride, we joked around and listened to German and Polish music. We arrived around 10. Once, we arrived we divided into 2 groups. The first group took part in a workshop that discussed stereotypes and prejudice while the other group walked around and enjoyed the sights of the museum. In the workshop we were able to discuss the different stereotypes people have about countries and their culture. In the museum we were also able to learn interesting facts and different perspectives on the Solidarity movement in Poland.  After taking part in one activity the groups exchanged tasks. After completing both tasks, both groups went to eat a delicious lunch that consisted of tomato soup, meat with macaroni along with a creamy cheese flavoured sauce on the side.

Once we finished eating we took a group picture in front of ECS and began our journey around Gdansk. Along the way we saw many sights, old and new, and took plenty of memorable pictures. Students from Poland also talked about the sights that the group saw. Some sights we saw include the Highland Gate, Neptune’s Fountain, the Zuraw Crane, the Second World War museum, Green Gate and more.

Afterwards, we had two and a half hours to enjoy shopping and getting to know our fellow Erasmus+ friends in the Forum in Gdansk.  Once the time was up we all met up and went to the bus for a relaxing ride home. We arrived in Kartuzy around 8:00pm.