Tuesday March 19th

At Tuesday we met each other at the school in the morning and took the bus to Szymbark, to the Centre of Education and Promoting of the region. There we learnt a lot about the Kashubian traditions and culture.

The first thing we did was baking delicious bread. Most of us had never baked a bread before and there were some very creative products. After that we get a guided tour through the center. It was very interesting because we learnt a lot about the Polish history. The most impressive thing was to get into the bunker, there we get the feeling how bombs fell down. It was really dark and loud. Some of us were also scared.

After that we visited the upside down house, this was really funny and some of us felt dizzy.

When we finished our tour we ate our bread together and had a break where we took photos, bought souvenirs and enjoyed time with our new friends.

About 1 pm we had our lunch and after that we went back home.

During our free time most of us spent their time in Kartuzy to have a coffee and waffles. At 5.30 pm we met again to have an incredible sports evening at the gym of the school. We quickly noticed that there is a big difference between our and their physical education lessons. They are more sportive and they are more practiced in athletic things like obstacle courses.

All in all it was a great day like all the others.

We all had fun and really enjoyed the whole week.

For that we wanted to thank you all again because we had a great time and made new friends that we will hopefully meet again.