We had the idea of ​​recording a Lipdub at our school in September 2016. The beginning of that year was very special at IES Monegros: we had just found the partners to participate in an Erasmus+ project that would begin in September 2017 if our application was selected.

We chose this version of Jean Jacques Goldman “Je te donne” because it was played in both languages, English and French and because its message about equality and inclusion.

And this was the kind answer from Jean Jacques when we asked him for permission to play the music and lyrics.

These are the objectives we wanted to achieve with the project and the recording of a Lipdub.

And these were the most important resources and needs to have in mind if we wanted to be successful:

  • To organise all the necessary human resources at the school
  • To be sure to have the collaboration of the whole educative community… and more.
  • To motivate our teachers and students to change things in our school, to invest a lot of their extra time and enthusiasm.

School´s organisation


We organized a Coordination Commission at the school. Each of the coordinators of the educational projects of our school were participating, but also our Head of Studies and our Erasmus Coordinator. The tasks of the commission were:

  • To advise the Erasmus Coordinator on the pedagogical development of the project and to collaborate with her preparing the application form.
  • To work as a school network and a tool to disseminate information on this and other educational projects.


One of our main goals was for all students at the school to participate in one way or another in the elaboration of Lipdub.

Coordinator students:

Volunteers (most of them from the highest grades) together with the two Coordinator Teachers were responsible for the designing of the choreography and location of the recordings, they organized the participation of the different groups of students, compiled the necessary material resources and collaborated in the organization of the final recording that would take place during our cultural week in February.

Students participating in our Project for Talented Students:

Three groups of students were invited to collaborate on the project. Two of them (English and French languages) worked to record the song lyrics in the original version. A third group (Music) was responsible to record the music of the song.

One of the French lectures.


Before recording the final choreography at the school, we proposed the school IES Ramón y Cajal de Huesca to collaborate with us in the project. Teachers and students of the Vocational Degree in Image and Sound kindly invited us to record the music and lyrics of our song with our students in their recording studios.

Recording the soundtracks.
Students and teachers recording the lyrics.

The final recording

We scheduled our final recording in two complete school working days. On the second day we invited our students´ families, neighbours and educational authorities to collaborate in the outdoor scenes and also to help us disseminate our project.

We also invited regional media that helped us spread our work..

A few days after the recording the video was finally edited by some of our most expert students. We were very anxious to see the final result.

Our Lipdub

Here you can watch our final work:

And here we want to share with you as well a “making of” video summarising all the work done. Have fun!