Soon after Viktoria, Hannah and Helene came home from Spain they showed their fellow classmates what they had learned in our Spanish partner school. They had been working a lot with the song ‘Je te donne’. During a music lessons class 4B of the NMS St. Agatha sang the song again.

Here is the result:

Together with the accompanying teacher Doris Bartos they also wrote a report for our school’s magazine. If you want to have a try reading it in German, go ahead. Maybe an online translation can help you a lot as well.

The skills that the three girls have learned were shared with the pupils from the NMS St. Agatha. Recording and editing videos is an important tool nowadays. Not soon after their trip to Spain they celebrated their farewell party, together with the whole fourth grade. This evening programme for teachers and parents is generally full with nice sketches, songs, dances and many more. It is all preformed live on stage or … shown in videos, as learned at the IES Monegros in Sarinena.

Thanks for the wonderful stay at your school!