The topic in Spain was music. In advance they asked us to think about songs  and to analyse the lyrics that promoted friendship, teamwork, but also inclusion and feeling different. Here is what the German students selected.

Our Spanish partners produced a Lipdub in advance and showed us during their mobility how to produce a Lipdub. Back home the teachers and students were so impressed that they started to think about to produce their own Lipdub. The hole school took part and the final product was amazing. We did the same in the following year. Hear you can see our Lipdubs.

While we produced the second Lipdub it was the time of the Polish subproject and we were thinking about to combine the topic of social commitment with music, that was the reason for choosing that song, because together we can reach everything.

Music has been a part of every mobility ever since. We all danced “Honey, honey” by ABBA in Austria.


The students enjoyed learning and presenting choreografies. So it went on to dance Zumba with children with special needs in Poland.


We liked the idea of creating choreografies and see the kids having fun, so we decided to take part in a local dancing activity. It was organized against violence.