Mobility evaluation

Students´ evaluation

These are the answers to the questionnaire that our guest students were asked to fill in before the mobility.

And here you can compare with the answers of the questionnaire they filled in after the mobility.

We asked our guest and host students to give us their feedback about the activities and organisation of the mobility. Here you have their free comments:

Teachers´ evaluation

The quantitative results about our students´ most important expectatives are:

  1. To improve their language skills. Here the results are contradictory: 58% of our students consider that they slightly or highly improved their language skills, however 42% of them consider that they didn´t. In a later question however 95% of them show that they felt more comfortable than nervous speaking english.
  2. To learn about different cultures: 95% of the students were slightly or highly satisfied about their achievements.
  3. To make new friends: 84% of the students were slightly or highly satisfied about their achievements.

89% of the students consider that they got more tolerant after the mobility, which is a great output for the project.

When students were asked about qualitative issues such as their expectatives or the differences or similarities found after the experience we have a wide range of answers: most of the stereotypes or expectatives related to climate, food, timetable were really fulfilled, some differences were found amongst our school systems, however our students realised that there are no such big differences amongst teenagers and their lifestyle.

During the first days of our mobility we had to solve some problems caused by the lack of communication abilities and language skills. Students were asked to make an effort to communicate with their partners and at the same time they were taught that the ability to communicate and inclusion for us were objectives as important as those intended for the programmed activities.

Regarding the activities for the week our assessment is very positive, since it was a very ambitious schedule, we managed to develop our final products and we think we our partners got a complete training on how to elaborate a lipdub, which it was our objective.

Finally we had excellent feedbacks from teachers, students and families. The first question asked at our family meeting was “when will you organise the next one? because this has been a fantastic experience for everyone at home”. The experience has changed the point of view that all the community had about the project and about the learning opportunities that our students have participating in it. New horizons have been discovered and now the project is one of the educative references in our school.

Host families´ evaluation

Our host families were asked to submit an evaluation questionnarie after the activity. Here you read can their feedback.