The topic of our mobility was biology. We wanted to show our guests and partners how we implement the subject at our school. A few years ago our school had begun to build a school garden, which was gradually supplemented, enlarged and embellished. The school garden offers not only the opportunity to learn in nature, but also invites you to spend time in the recreational area, to organize barbecues or simply to cultivate the garden or produce our own honey.

Because of our many years of experience with refugee classes, we put a lot of emphasis on involving them in gardening and started a project by building recycled furniture in refugee classes. This experience made the cohesion of the students grow and integrated them into our school. While working in the garden, the idea came up that every student in the school should become part of the garden. So it turned out that each student of our school designed their own cobblestone, which now form a path through the garden.We used that idea during the week at our school, all the guests had designed their own stone and we have given this a place in our school garden. So the project `building bridges` has become part of our everyday school life and our school.