During the mobility in German the topic was biology/building an ecological garden. We had a great time, but there’s a small problem. We very much like the idea of having or building an ecological garden at our own school, but unfortunately that is not possible. Our school’s gym and garden will be renovated soon (hopefully sooner than later, but that is a political and financial question) which means it does not make sense to start ‘digging’ around in it right now.

We anyway decided to take home one of the cobblestones to eventually give a nice spot it the new garden. At this moment it got a nice place inside our school building where our visitors can admire it.

During the Austrian mobility we had the idea of installing a new, colourful fence at the entrance of our school. At least this way, we could use the skills learned in the German partner school.

Ben, Judith and Thomas also wrote an article in our school’s magazine about the trip to Germany. Have a look at it. Especially for our German friends it will be easy to read since it is written in German.