The German mobility was an opening one during the course of our project. The main idea was the botanical garden. Apart from an impressive biological value of the project we learnt how to make concrete tiles, that serve the purpose of souvenirs after each student at school. Furthermore, we were asked to prepare traditional dishes from each country in order to celebrate a common barbecue with some members of the local community. 

Step one was asking all the students in our bilingual classes to prepare a traditional meal. We would later on cook it during the mobility week in Germany. Here’s our recipe. 

A purely biological value could be seen throughout the “travelling plants” subproject. Students exchanged seeds of various plants from their countries. We all planted them and let them grow. Here are some of the effects. 

Trying to implement the tiles in our school we came up with the idea of wooden planks that would remind us of the time when our school was the host of the mobility. 

We decided to move one step further and combined the tiles idea with creating T-shirts with a traditional folk print. Each of the students designed his own T-shirt that later on everyone took home as a souvenir.