During the week, it was important for us to give students different access to foreign nations and cultures.

They should get to know the reasons for an escape, the experiences during an escape and the effects on personal life in personal conversations with students of refugee classes. 

They should 

–          develop understanding of otherness 

–          train in tolerance and acceptance

–          promote critical thinking

–          dealing with prejudices

–          develop intercultural competence

During the activities we could see that the conversations had a big impact on the group and each one was able to develop further.

Through the various activities and workshops during the week, in which we always made sure to re-mix the groups, we wanted to train the students

 –         in group and partner work as well as 

–          in cooperative learning 

Through recreational activities such as climbing or preparing the barbeque in the kitchen we wanted to give the students the chance to

  • Improve skillsĀ 
  • Develop self-confidence to dare more in their future life
  • Improving social skills
  • Improving language skills