Building Bridges – Erasmus + Lendava 2020

This was the initial schedule. Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 epedemic the activities could not take place.

Some of the activities were done online. The partners could do a virtual tour through the city of Lendava (Lend@va.tour – Getting to know Lendava) and that was great fun. Also the results of the photo competition were shown online. Some really nice pictures were made by the student.

Arrival Sunday, March 29th

Monday 30th March 2020
Welcome, brief description of the week
School tour – comparing and contrasting schools 
Icebreakers – group activities in the school assembly hall
11.00ECO garden activities, baking of traditional bread and other food with herbs from the garden at Eko farm Huzimec 
Traditional food lunch 
16.00Lend@va.tour – Getting to know Lendava
Tuesday 31st March 2020
Welcome and a brief description of the day. Group activities in the school assembly hall
9.00 – 12.00History workshop
Language workshops (Slovenian/Hungarian)
12.30Lunch at school
13. 30Stric Geza ide v Zaturce  film 
14. 30 – 16-30Folklore workshop 
17.00 – Opening of the photo exhibition, announcement of the winnerssocial evening at the school
Wednesday 1st April 2020
8.00Whole-day trip around the region 
Chocolate pralines workshop (Moravske Toplice)
Island of love (Ižakovci)
18.00Vinarium tower
Thursday 2nd April
Welcome and a brief description of the day
9.00 – 12.00Natural cosmetics – make your own workshop
Lunch at school
13.30 – 19.00Short trip to Dobrovnik house of crafts with a honeybread workshop, Expano
Friday 3rd April 2020
8.00Feedback activities, crafts workshop
12.00Lunch at school 
Online feedback  – post activity questionnaire