The topic for the mobility was media. We wanted to use our experience in a school magazine and share this with our partner school. This week was the perfect to go a bit more in detail and therefore we planned a visit to the newspaper ‘OÖ Nachrichten’.

In our previous school magazines we published articles about the Erasmus+ project, but this time we wanted to go a bit further and produce an issue completely in English. The plan was to work on this special edition all together, that means that everyone would contribute.

We did not only work on the written media, but had a look at visual media as well. The student were able to get a deeper look into the world of animation videos. We took part in a workshop where we got to know more about how to produce these kind of short videos. We could put the knowledge into practice and complete an animation video in small groups.

This was the main focus for the week, but we also took the time to do a walk in St. Agatha with GPS-units. There were some leisure activities and so on. Have a look at the schedule of the week to see what we have been doing.