Every mobility is a learning experience for all the members of our international group. 

To begin with, we experienced a very warm welcome and we got some great gifts. Namely, we got some t-shirts with the logo of our project and the name of the school. This gave us an idea for the Erasmus bag which we handed to our Guests in Poland. Thanks, St. Agatha, for the idea ­čÖé

In St. Agatha, Austria we were taught how to dance a song called ÔÇťHoney, HoneyÔÇŁ by the hospitable Austrian students. Having retuned to our school, the students who participated in the mobility passed the knowledge on to other Polish students. Learning to dance was great fun. 

We particularly enjoyed painting the wooden planks that later become a fence around the school. So, our idea was to combine wood and wool in order to make a souvenir which will stay on the wall and will remind us of the Polish mobility. 

Observing the students that were decorating the abovementioned wooden planks we noticed that they very often included some national, regional and folk symbols. Thanks to this experience we got the idea of organising a workshop based on painting our regional Kashubian symbols on T-shirts. 

Finally, we had a chance to learn about the process of newspaper making from a journalistÔÇÖs idea of an interview to printing the final version of the newspaper. This led us to creating presentations about charities in our school and was an onset to the idea of a guided tour in Gda┼äsk. We learnt how powerful the written word is.