Throughout the Austrian mobility the focus was on different kinds of media. The objectives leading to a successful outcome were following:

  • Analysing how media influences the way we perceive reality
  • Promote critical thinking 
  • Raise awareness of different media and by this point out that they are free citizens and they can form their opinion about topics, such as integration, freely.
  • Improve the use of ICT skills

A look at the schedule shows that there were other activities as well. We put into practice what we had learnt in Germany and created a wooden fence to brighten up the entrance to our school. The objectives for that can be found at the German mobility project and should not be repeated here.

One of the activities was building the Leonardo Da Vinci bridge. Objectives related to this activity were: 

  • Increasing the ability of working in groups and learning to deal with the advantages and disadvantages involved. 
  • Learning about symbolic acts to state the necessity and value of our project and project work in general.

Of course there was also time for leisure activities. I do not think it is necessary to clear the importance of these activities, especially not within the context of an international project. Objectives:

  • Improving social skills
  • Improving language skills
  • Creating tolerance towards unknown, foreign people
  • Dealing with prejudices