1. Here’s an overview on what we all have achieved throughout the exchange. We created a school magazine completely in English which has been handed out to every single pupil in our school. One extra issue has been sent to the partner schools

2. We produced a video in which you can see a choreography on the song ‘Honey Honey’ by ABBA. One of the subprojects should have been music/dance hosted by the Swedish partner that dropped out at the beginning of our project. We took over part of their content and introduced the song by the Swedish cult band. Have a look at our preformance. The first video shows you an impression of the workshop, the second is the result of all the hard labour.

3. As part of the topic media, we also had a look at the audiovisual media. We were shown how to make animation videos. Have a look at a short clip about the workshop and the results.

4. We constructed a bridge with only wooden boards. We managed it according to the Leonardo Da Vinci principles.