Before we started the “Building Bridges” project we had launched bilingual classes in our school. The headmistress and the teachers wanted the students to improve English and later on, possibly, make use of the newly acquired language skills in real life situations. We were more than happy to join the project and later to find out that it was approved by the European Union Commission.

Our school has a very long history of voluntary work. We participate in many projects and events connected with helping those in need, raising money for the poor or enabling everyone to be included in the society. That’s precisely what we wanted to show our international guests. We aimed at presenting social commitment, how much one can do for the whole of society. 

Social commitment being our main objective, we could not imagine not working with kids with special needs during our project. 

The group of teachers responsible for the conduction of the project and the mobility decided to present a little bit of Kashubian history and culture as well as to have a walking tour in Gdańsk.