Social commitment was the main topic of the mobility in Poland. We took part in some wonderful workshop organised by our Polish host and were determined to take this spirit back home to Austria.

A few weeks after the trip to Poland 59 pupils of our school (remember, we are a very small school, so that is more than half) took part in the KIDS 4 KIDS run. During this four hour long race, in which teams compete against each other, it is import to run as many kilometres as possible. The total amount of rounds brings some money for a good cause. In this case the Austria Cancer Association.

The results are not the most important, but we are still proud to tell that our school did great. Niklas Weißhäupl (who was in Poland) and his team won first place. Maybe the emotions gathered in Kartuzy pushed him forward a bit more? Who knows!

After this great success our school decided to do something similar on a smaller scale. The anual sports day was taken to raise money for a good cause. This time we were looking for sponsors to support the Austrian clini-clowns. This time the whole school participated. In small teams the pupils ran as much as possible. In total they raised 212 euro! Congratulations.

The four pupils who took part in the mobility also wrote a report for our school’s magazine. Here is some information about the trip. Unfortunately it is in German only!