In Poland we learned a lot about the topic of social commitment and solidarity. We visited the centre of Solidarity in Gdansk and were introduced into different workshops the school organized.

Back home in Germany we took that spirit and started to think about what we can do. Thanks to one of our teachers we started an aid project in Cambodia.

The students in class 7.A (now 8.A) of the Leibniz Comprehensive School agreed that the topic “One World” should not only play a role in the classroom: “We don’t want to leave it at analysis and discussion – we want to act! ”Said, done, the 7.A decided shortly before the summer holidays, after a detailed examination and presentation of various projects for well construction, to support a strongly disadvantaged region in Cambodia.

The student project team selected the recognized aid association Hasene International e.V. This has been carrying out well projects since 2010. “Hasene” means “the good” or “charity”. The association is active in 120 countries with aid projects. In total, the students collected 1,095 euros in two months and donated three wells so that the families in Cambodia have clean drinking water. The result made everyone proud because many families and children on the other side of the world can now smile. We are of course also aware that this is only a small contribution – mind you in the right direction.