Throughout the Polish mobility the focus was on social commitment.

We decided to approach the main subject from various perspectives. The most important being the inclusion of kids with special needs into our international group. We achieved this thanks to a dance lesson conducted by the kids with various special needs. Here are some of the pictures from the event.

We wanted the kids to remember the day when the meeting took place, so we prepared nice traditional gifts.

The Erasmus+ group was taken to Gdańsk. We had some workshops on Stereotypes and Prejudices together with a guided tour in The European Centre of Solidarity.

We aimed at presenting our local folklore through a visit at The Centre of Education and Promoting of the Region in Szymbark. We had a guided tour as well as a bread baking activity. 

On the final day of the mobility we created some handmade souvenirs that will stay at school as a remembrance of the week. We learnt this fantastic way of integrating the students during the week in Germany and it has become our tradition ever since. 

Needless to say, the abovementioned activities aimed first and foremost at integration and social inclusion. Some of the accompanying objectives are:

  • Making students aware of the differences and similarities within group members
  • Improving social and language skills
  • Promoting the local culture and our origin
  • Pairwork and groupwork leading to conflict solving and dealing with obstacles 
  • Promoting healthy lifestyle thorough sport activities
  • Presenting richness of a neighbouring town and city 
  • Social inclusion of the kids with special needs
  • Improving manual skills by preparing gifts and painting t-shirts
  • Learning to dance 
  • Getting to know about the host town through a visit at the Town Hall and a city game
  • Learning about stereotypes and prejudices
  • Learning about the Solidarity Movement in Gdańsk and about Lech Wałęsa