Winter in St. Agatha

NMS St. Agatha secondary modern school is located in the north of the political district Grieskirchen, in the province of Upper Austria.
St. Agatha has about 2.100 inhabitants. It is a rather small village in the country, located in a beautiful scenery near the river Danube with soft hills and green woods. St. Agatha is situated 600m above sea level so you can enjoy a splendid panoramic view from there. Due to this exposed position there are usually rather cold and long winters with loads of snow.
In our small school there are only 105 students (from 10 to 14 years) who are taught by 16 teachers in 6 classes.
The school was renovated three years ago, so we can use very modern furnishings and equipment (smart boards, computers,…).
School starts at 07.45 and usually ends at 15.55 o‘ clock. Many of our students stay with us for the whole day even if their school day ends earlier. They can do their homework with the help of some teachers, they can play games or do sports together.
Typical subjects that are taught at our school are of course English, maths, German, geography, history, biology, physical education, physics, chemistry, technical drawing, wood work and needle work.
The students learn how to cook, and they get social training. There are workshops in table tennis and running (some of the pupils even take part in a marathon). This year we will perform our first school musical and we hope that many people will like it.
Wintersports are very important in Austria so it is clear that most of our students learn skiing or snowboarding.
So, we hope we have given you some ideas what our school and village is like. We are really looking forward to hosting you in October 2018 and we will do our very best to offer you a great time here in Austria.

Why Building Bridges?
When we thought for the first time about an Erasmus+ programme we wanted:
• to open our small rural school to Europe and the possibilities it offers.
• to give our students the chance of learning about and from other European countries by visiting and hosting pupils and teachers from our partner schools.
• to broaden our minds.
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