Bilingual secondary school Lendava is located in Lendava, Slovenia.  Lendava has about 3.000 inhabitants and it is the centre of the bilingual region where the Hungarian minority in Slovenia lives.  It is located about 200 km northeast from the capital Ljubljana.

Our school is a secondary school of about 240 students (15 to 19 year old) and 50 teachers that offers the following studies:

General secondary school leading up to university

Secondary technical education in the fields: economy, machine technician and chemistry

Various vocational programes, such as: shopkeeper, cook, car mechanic, mechatronic, installer…

Our students are mostly from the bilingual area but more and more, the school is becoming attractive to students outside of the region as well.

Why Building Bridges?

When we thought for the first time about an Erasmus+ programme we wanted to find an enough powerful and motivating tool to reach important objectives for our General secondary school programme students (Gimnazija):

  • To open our rural school to Europe and the possibilities it offers
  • To learn from the experience of other schools and colleagues about the most important aspects we want to improve in our school
  • To use the project to establish a colaborative web of schools, teachers, students and families that can keep working after the project is finished

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