I.E.S. Monegros-Gaspar Lax school is located at Sariñena, in the province of Huesca, Spain. Sariñena has about 4.500 inhabitants and is the capital of Los Monegros region. It is located about 50 km. southeast from Huesca and about 75 km. northeast from Zaragoza.

Our school is a medium secondary school of about 350 students and 45 teachers that offers the following studies:

  • Secondary education (from 1º to 4º ESO): for students from 12 to 16 years old.

The school also offers post-secondary education:

  • Two different modalities of Baccalaureate: Sciences and Humanities and Social Sciences. 2 higher education preparatory courses from 16 to 18 years old.
  • A Vocational Education medium degree in Administration (2 courses).

Our students come from different villages: Albalatillo, Capdesaso, Cartuja, Castelflorite, Castejón, El Tormillo, Huerto, Lalueza, Lanaja, Orillena, Pallaruelo, San Juan de Flumen, San Lorenzo de Flumen, Sena, Venta of Ballerias and Villanueva de Sigena and from Sariñena.

Why Building Bridges?

When we thought for the first time about an Erasmus+ programme we wanted to find an enough powerful and motivating tool to reach important objectives for our school:

  • To open our rural school to Europe
  • To learn from the experience of other schools and colleagues about the most important aspects we want to improve in our school
  • To use the project to establish a colaborative web of schools, teachers, students and families that can keep working after the project is finished

Contact us

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This is our address and phone number:

IES Monegros – Gaspar Lax

Camino de las Torres s/n

22200 Sariñena (Huesca)


Phone: +34 974 571114