Virtual tour of our school in St. Agatha.

Niels Vandeputte/ January 22, 2021/ Austria, English, Media and inclusion/ 0 comments

Since no external people can enter our school building now, we thought it would be a good idea to show the inside to the outer world virtually. You do not even have to wear a mask or face shields, nor do you have to disinfect your hands to participate in this virtual tour.

It gives everyone of our European partner schools the possibility to bring a little bit of St. Agatha to their home countries. All the students form abroad who have visited our school can bring memories to live by looking at the school building from the inside and share thoughts with their beloved ones.

We would sincerely recommend going up stairs towards the first floor and have a look at our Erasmus pinboard in the corridor, as you see on the picture above. By clicking on the colourful dots you can have a look at different activities we have done throughout our project.

Virtual tour

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